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The story of Gru. The man who wants to be the greatest villain of all. Fun, simple, heartwarming and recommended for the entire family.

Gru is wicked. Very wicked indeed. He does everything he can to be perceived as the greatest villain of all time. Gru is the kind of guy that will comfort children by making them a balloon animal, only to explode it in their faces. Gru lives in an idyllic area, a residential neighbourhood where all the houses are painted white and have white picket fences. That is, all the houses except for one. Gru’s house is big, black and the garden is nothing but a dead lawn. Underneath the house, Gru has a lab manned by cute helpers, who, at times, steal the show. In Gru’s lab, the most intricate crime schemes are created, and all of them are designed with the intention of becoming infamous throughout the world.

Another villain manages to steal an entire pyramid, this is a serious blow for Gru. In order to regain the glory as the greatest villain, Gru has to perform an even greater feat; he decides to steal the moon itself. The problem, however, is that the bank is not willing to finance the project until Gru makes some progress in this area. Another obstacle is Vector, the villain responsible for stealing the pyramid, who is not going to make it easy for Gru to reach his goal.

Despite Gru’s eager attempts to maintain his despicable image, in the long run, he can’t hide the warmth in his heart. He shows care towards his little helpers, and, even though it is not with the best intentions that he adopts Margo, Edith and Agnes, the three girls will change Gru’s life for ever. In the beginning, they are just a part of his plan; however, eventually they will provide his life with real purpose and meaning.

 Quality and Theme
“Despicable Me,” is not on the same level as Pixar films, but, it is a simple, fun and well made film for children. Many animation films try to communicate with children on one level, while trying to appeal to adults on another level. Often, they don’t succeed very well. “Despicable Me” benefits from keeping it simple, and, for this reason, it will appeal to several age groups. As well as this, the progress of the story is well balanced; it is slow, but never tiring, and the amount of action is suitable. The result is a story that is credible and very well suited for children and adults alike.

It might be hard to believe that a film about a super villain is heartwarming; “Despicable Me,” is just this.

Some of the scenes are somewhat dark and gloomy, though, these scenes are quite short. The violence in the film is cartoon-like, similar to “Tom & Jerry”, and, as such, quite harmless and funny. The length of the film is perfect for a family film. “Despicable Me,” has a “U” rating, however, due to some slightly scary scenes, we recommend the film for children from 4 years of age and up.

”Despicable Me,” is a heartwarming and fun film that offers a pleasant film experience for the entire family.

 Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud, Sergio Pablos Genre: Animation/Comedy Voices: Steve Carell, Jason Segal, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Julie Andrews, Jermaine Clement and more Language: English Nationality: USA Production Company: Illumination Entertainment Length: 1h 34mins Production Year: 2010 Age Limit: U Suitability: Family BBFC’s Consumer Advice: Contains very mild scary scenes, slapstick violence and language.

Our Assessment: Recommended

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