ZuiTube is an American website for children that aims to be a cleaner version of YouTube, by screening all its videos before making them available. - A good resource for children and parents alike, says Kids and Media’s advisor.

by Rune H. Rasmussen

Cliff Boro is chairman and CEO of KidZui, the company that owns ZuiTube. The company also makes a  web browser for children, called KidZui, which claims to access more than a million web sites, pictures and videos that have been pre-screened and deemed suitable for children.

In an interview with CNN, Boro says that the company decided to create ZuiTube due to the fact that the Internet, and YouTube in particular, is very popular with children. However, a large number of websites are not constructed with the safety of children in mind.

”There's so much great content on YouTube for children, but there's so much horrendous content that's completely inappropriate. So our goal with ZuiTube is to give children the best of what YouTube has to offer without parents running and screaming because there's just so much bad stuff as well,” Boro says.

ZuiTube aims to be both educational and entertaining. Boro emphasizes that their focus is to allow children to explore fun and child friendly videos in a safe online environment.

Videos from YouTube
“All videos on ZuiTube right now come from and are powered by YouTube,” Boro says. ”So they're on YouTube's site. But our team of editors, which are parents and teachers across 25 states, review all of the videos before they're included in ZuiTube.”

As well as this, there is no advertising on ZuiTube.
“Nor do we have any plans to add advertising,” Boro states. “KidZui's in a position to offer ZuiTube. It's effectively sponsored by our flagship product, the KidZui browser. And we're proud to be in a position to be able to do that.”

Children are eager online explorers
Cliff Boro also says that KidZui has made a number of interesting discoveries regarding children's Internet use:
“We thought children would be like us, like grown-ups. But it turns out, maybe because they have more time, that children are bigger explorers in terms of discovering content on the Internet. Children love voting on content, they love giving their opinion. They love sharing things.

Boro adds that children should not be in front of a web browser unsupervised. Period.

Recommended by Kids and Media
Kjellaug Tonnesen, Kids and Media’s advisor, says that ZuiTube is good news for parents who are concerned about which videos their children might come across online.

- As well as this, the website is advertising free, which many parents find reassuring,” says Tonnesen.

Visit ZuiTube at video.kidzui.com.


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