Patapon 2


Patapon 2 is as rhytmical and fun as its predecessor, and it’s a good game for children over twelve who enjoy rhythm, presision and strategy.

In Patapon 2 the history of the patapons continues, a tribe of small, round creatures with one enormous eye and small arms and legs. This time they´re on their way to Earthsend, but it´s not going to be an easy journey. As they set sail for the target they are attacked by a sea monster who causes them to capsize. The waves wash them ashore, and from here you have to help the patapons to get safely to Earthsend. Not much has changed since the first game, which is a good thing, but the game producers have fixed a few errors. You have access to a new hero in your army, the upgrade system has been improved and the story line is even better than last time. If you liked the predecessor you´ll most likely enjoy this game. You can transfer the game sequences you saved from the last game. In this way you can make use of things like “ka-ching” and a long list of other equipment, which gives you an improved start to the game. Patapon 2 is a very rhythmic game, and it won´t be long before you´re humming the music to yourself. Two of the many tunes you´ll get familiar with is “pata pata pata pon”, which moves you forward, and “pon pon pata pon”, which makes you attack. Patapon 1 became a huge success, something we also expect Patapon 2 will be.

Child suitabily:
The warfare is performed with spears, bow and arrow and clubs, but the violence isn´t brutal or bloody at all. The game has a high level of difficulty, and it demands very precise and accurate use of the controls. The songs and melodies quickly stick to your mind, and to avoid it getting annoying to others we recommend using head phones. The durability of the game is very good. It gives you hours and hours of good entertainment, but watch it so you don´t play too long. It can be quite difficult to put aside when you´ve gotten into it. This game has quite a high level of difficulty, which doesn´t make it suitable for children under the age of twelve.

Score: 4

Suggested age: Suitable from 12 years.

Format: PSP (PlayStation Portable)

PEGI: 7, violence
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